Zoltan Szabo


Just a teaser. June 10th and 11th we will be hosting Zoltan Szabo. We have a schedule of events we will be posting so stay tuned!

Zoltan Szabo is one of the most recognizable personalities of the Canadian Sommelier scene. With two and a half decades in the industry and three continents – wide resume, he has garnered international recognition.

Clients include Spirit of Hospitality Shanghai, Tokaj Renaissance, Wine Council of Ontario, Skyline Boutique Hotels & Resorts and Trump International Hotel, just to mention a few. With TV, radio and video blog appearances by the dozen throughout the years, Szabo had become a mainstay character of the global wine trade.

He consults, writes, educates and judges for some of the most elite organizations, competitions and media forums and also voices his opinion about the finer aspects of life over social media outlets @zoltanszabo

We are excited! Can’t wait to share more!


Welcome to Northumberland Culinary Tours

We are excited to launch Northumberland Culinary tours. An amazing adventure in discovering the culinary scene in the Cobourg and Port Hope areas.


We have so many exciting things to offer within the local sector around food, brews and farming and we think it should be shared! Keep checking in for our event updates.

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